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FMBG Library Items & Social Reading

Most of the books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, reports etc. listed below are available to FMBG Members for borrowing at meetings or from the Depot.

While there is no Loan period established for Library Items or Social Readings, loans will be chased up after a reasonable period (as determined by the management committee). Note that there are some reference materials which are Not For Loan and/or Not To Be Removed From The Depot/Gardens. Library items need to be obtained via the Librarian (or Authorised Assistant) and need to be signed out using the Library Items folder. Social readings may be borrowed from the depot on an honesty basis. (Please sign books out using the Social Readings folder, stored on the Social Readings shelf). Items not listed below (or in the Library or Social Readings folders) should be referred to the librarian or committee members before being removed from the depot. New Magazines and other material left on the table during work days may be read at the depot before being resistered with the library for loan.

Most items can be collected from the depot when the nursery is open, or from the Monthly meeting by arrangement.

Please contact either Librarian (below) to arrange for items you are interested in to be available at the Depot or the Monthly Meeting. Also contact either Librarian if you have any other query relating to the Library.

Library Contacts:

FMBG Librarian: Jean Partridge
Contact Phone: 9743 5761
Contact Email:
FMBG Assistant Librarian: Mark Keehn
Contact Phone: 0414 740 511
Contact Email:

Library Books available are:

A Gardeners Log Edna Walling
A Manual for Salvia Growers Meg Bentley
A new image for West Australian Plants George Lullfitz
Aboriginal Plant Use in south-eastern Australia Australian National Botanic Garden
Aboriginal Use Plants of the Greater Melbourne area Davide De Angelis
An Eden of Loveliness Ballarat Botanical Gardens FBBG Ballarat
An Iconic Journey - Western Highway Anthonys Cutting -
Australian Gardening Encyclopedia -
Australian Native Orchids in Colour Cady/Rotherham
Australian Native Plants - Propagation, cultivation and use in landscaping    John W Wrigley and Murray Fogg
Australian Native Plants - Use in Cultivation landscaping and propagation John W. Wrigley, Murray Lagg
Australian Olives Michael Burr
Australian Plants the P.L.Ant Guide Helen Hunt
Australia's Eremophilas Norma Boschen
Australia's Garden - Australian National Botanic Gardens                          Margaret Clarke, Barbara Podger, Anne Rawson
Australia's Natural Wonder Eucalyptus Oil Peter & Tegan Abbott
Australia's Remarkable Trees Richard Allen & Kimbal Baker
Bee Friendly Mark Leech
Birds and Plants of the Little Desert - A Photographic Guide Ian Morgan, Graham Goods and Maree Goods
Birds of the Long Forest 1889-2005 Marilyn Hewish
Botanic Gardens - A Living History Blackdog Publishing
Botanic Gardens of Sydney Guidebook Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney
Brilliant Gardens (DVD) Narrated By Rula Lenska
Burke's Backyard Overseas Travels with Don Burke Don Burke
Bush Food Information Fact Sheets Bulleen Art & Garden
Bush Regeneration  Robin A Buchanan
Cacti & Succulents Clive Innes
Colour in your garden Australian Womens Weekly Garden Guides
Connected The sustainable landscapes of Phillip Johnson Phillip Johnson
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 1) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 2) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 3) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 4) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 5) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 6) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 7) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 8) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants (Volume 9) W. Rodger Elliot & David L. Jones
Eucalypts of the Melton Botanic Garden Friends of the Melton Botanic Garden
Eucalypts of Western Australia Western Australia Dept of Agriculture
Field Guide to Eucalypts - Volume 1 South East Australia M.I.H. Brooker & D.A. Kleinig
Flora (A-K) ABC Gardening Australia
Flora (L-Z) ABC Gardening Australia
Flora of Australia Vol. 19 F.Muell
Flora of Melbourne Australian Plants Society Maroondah Inc
Flora of Melbourne (3rd Edition) Australian Plants Society Maroondah Inc
Flora of Melbourne (4th Edition) Marilyn Bull
Flora of Victoria Vol.1 DB Foreman & NG Walsh
Flora of Victoria Vol.2 NG Walsh & TJ Entwisle
Flora’s Native Plants ABC Gardening Australia
Foliage Plants in Garden Design - Ornamental Grasses, Bamboos, Rushes & Sedges Nigel J Taylor
Forest Trees of Australia Boyland, Brooker, Chippendale, Hall, Hyland, Kleinig, Turner
From the Ground Up Jane Edmanson
Garden Voices - Australian Designers - Their Stories Anne Latreille
Gardener's Companion to Eucalypts Ivan Holliday & Geoffrey Watton
Gardens of South Africa (DVD) A Royal Horticultral Society
Great Botanic Gardens of the World  Sara Oldfield
Grow Native Bill Molyneux
Grow What Small Plant Australian Plant Study Group 
Grow What Where Natalie Peate, Gwenda MacDonald, Alice Talbot
Growing Australian native food plants in South Gippsland Rhys Freeman & Meredith Freeman
Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed Murry Ralph
Growing Australian Plants Ivan Holliday & Noel Iothian
Information on Koorie Bush Food Use Newport Lakes Native Nursery
Kirstenbosch - A Year in the Garden Celebrating 100 years (DVD) Andrew Schofield
Landscaping with Australian Plants Glen Wilson
Melton Botanic Landscape Design Report & Plans April 2009 Shire of Melton / FMBG
Moths of Victoria (Emeralds & Allies - Geometridae) pt4 Peter Marriot
Moths of Victoria (Silk Moths & Allies - Bombycoidea) pt1 Peter Marriot
Moths of Victoria (Tiger Moths & Allies - Noctuoidea) pt2 Peter Marriot
Moths of Victoria (Waves & Carpets - Geometroidea) pt3  Peter Marriot
Photographic Guide of Trees of Australia  
Plants fo the Great South West Fully Revised and Expanded Kevin Sparrow (Society for Growing Aust'n Plants - Warrnambool & District Group Inc.)
Plants of Melbourne's Western Plains Keilor Plains Group
Plants of Melbourne's Western Plains 2nd Ed Keilor Plains Group
Remembered Gardens Holly Kerr Forsyth
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Deborah Morris
Seed Collection of Australian Native Plants Murry Ralph
Serrated Tussock - National best practice manual Osmond,R., Veebeek, m., McLaren, D.A., Michelmore, M., Wicks, B., Grech, C.J., and Fullerton, P.
Smaller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia Dean Nicolle
South Africa's Proteaceae-Know them and grow them Marie Vogts
Succulent success in the Garden Attila Kapitany and Rudolf Schulz
Succulents for the Garden  Attila Kapitany and Rudolf Schulz
Succulents Propagation Attila Kapitany and Rudolf Schulz
Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia Dean Nicolle
The Cactus Handbook Erik Haustein
The Cottage Garden Christopher Lloyd & Richard Bird
The Defined Garden Paul Bangay
The Greening of Gondwana Mary E White
The Low-Water No-Water Garden Pattie Barron
The Natural Gardener Seeding the future (DVD) Presented by Judy Allen
The new book of Salvias Sages for Every Garden Betsy Clebsch
The Story of Arthur Swaby & the Society for Growing Australian Plants  John Walter
The Water Bug Book (Located in Large Wooden Cabinet) John Gooderham & Edward Tsyrlin
Victoria Felix: Improving Rural Land with Trees R. Campbell, R. Chandler & G Thomas
Victorian Koorie Plants - 2nd edition Beth Gott and John Conran
Volunteering for the Vounteers Bronwyn Akers
Waterwise Gardening Kevin Walsh
Weeds of the South-East F.J Richardson
West Australian Plants Society for Growing Australian Plants
What Bird is That? Neville W. Cayley
Wildflowers - The Flora of Australia's Nature Garden (DVD) Panorama Australia
Wildflowers of the Western State Western Australia Herbarium
Wollongong Botanic Garden - A Story of Beauty & Diversity Dena Leighton
Your holiday guide to Western Australia's Wildflowers -

Social Readings include:

A Field Guide to Australian Birds Peter Slater
A Field Guide to Australian Birds Vol. 2 Peter Slater
A Grower's Guide to Bulbs Better Homes and Gardens
An Introduction to the Orchids of Asia Mark L. Isaac-Williams
Australian Garden Design Ellis Stones
Australian Wildflowers to Cultivate Alec M Blombery
Australian Women's Weekly Gardening Book New Revised & Enlarged Edition Allan Seale
Bird Life Ian Rowley
Bonsai Basics Colin Lewis
Botanica's Trees & Shrubs - The illustrated A-Z of over 8500  trees & shrubs Random House
Bulbs Richard Ross
Carnivorous Plants  Adrian Slack
Encyclopedia of Australian Gardening - Vol.1 Bay Books
Encyclopedia of Australian Gardening - Vol.2 Bay Books
Feng Shui in your Garden - How to create harmony in your Garden Roni Jay.  Richard Craze - Consultant
Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers Denise Greig
Field Guide to the Birds of Australia Simpson & Day
Fuchsia  David Clark
Fuchsias - Their care and cultivation Jill R Clark
Garden Conifers Brian & Valerie Proudley
Growing Fruit & Herbs Organically Liz Sinnamon
Growing Orchids - Book Four The Australasian Families JN Rentoul
Growing Orchids - Book Three Vandas, dendrobiums and others JN Rentoul
Growing Orchids - Book Two The Cattleyas and other Epiphytes JN Rentoul
Guide to Compost Gardening David Hornblow
Guide to Food bearing plants Selby Gouldstone
Indoor Gardening - Made Easy N/A
Landcare in Australia Rob Youl
LEAP into Nature Victoria University
Melton City Council Reconciliation Policy 2015-2017 City of Melton
Natural Temperate Grassland of the Victorian Volcanic Plan Dept of the Environment
Orchids - A guide to cultivation Dr Phillip Cribb & Christopher Bailes
Orchids in Colour Brian & Wilma Rittershausen
Plants of Melbourne's Western Plains 2nd Ed. Keilor Plains Group
Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening - Understanding, planting and caring for a garden in Australia Reader's Digest
Slipper Orchids - Breeding and cultivating Paphioppedilum Hybrids Koopowitz and Hasegawa
Soil Care KRW Hammett
Student of Spring Street - 25 years of the Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program Tom Hvala & Jon Breukel
The Australian Women's Weekly Gardening Book Allan Seale
The Lorax Dr Seuss
The Low Maintenance Garden - A complete illustrated guide to creating a garden that looks after itself Graham Rose
The Orchid P. Francis Hunt
Tillandsia Paul T. Isley III
Trees & Shrubs for the home garden Yates/Allen Gilbert
Venomous Australia animals dangerous to man J. Ros. Garnet
Viticulture Vol.1 - Resources PR Day and BG Coome
Water Gardening in Containers Helen Nash & C. Greg Speichert
Waterwise Plants Kevin Walsh
What Perennial Where Roy Lancaster
Wurundjeri's Cultural Heritage of the Melton Area Bill and Mandy Nicholson

Magazine Titles/Issues have not yet been catalogued.


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